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Metro Terms of Sale

By placing an order or purchasing a product from Empire, You are agreeing on Your own behalf and on behalf of the licensed retailer for whom You are placing orders to the below terms of sale (“Terms of Sale”) and additional terms and prices and filed with the New York State Liquor Authority (“SLA”).  The SLA filings may be found at:  Retail Price Lookup | Liquor Authority (ny.gov) or https://www.nyslapricepostings.com/PricePostings.asp. Note: Click retail Wine/Liquor; Scroll to Empire Merchants LLC and click on any letter to see full terms.

All sales are subject to the additional terms and prices filed with the SLA and these Terms of Sale. In the event that there exists a direct conflict between the Terms of Sale and any other term, condition, or provision filed with the SLA, those filed with the SLA control.

As used herein:

· “Empire” means “Empire” means Empire Merchants, LLC, Empire Merchants North, LLC, 

· “System” means the medium used to place an order or purchase a product from Empire (e.g., Empire360 and other alcohol ordering platforms), 

· “Terms of Use” means additional terms and conditions applicable to use of a System, and

· “You” includes the individual retail licensee for whom the System is used or to be used, the person who enrolls that licensee onto the System and each person who accesses the System. “Your” is the possessive form of “You.” 

You agree that You and the licensee on behalf of which You are acting are bound by the Empire Terms of Use (linked below) and any separate Terms of Use for the System You use to place an order or access information as well as these Terms of Sale. You also represent to Empire that You have the authority to place an order on behalf of the licensee for which the order is placed.

Order cutoff times

5 pm unless otherwise communicated

Delivery fee

Due to inventory fluctuations throughout the day, any email confirmations sent by Empire do not mean that inventory is available and that Your order will be fulfilled as requested.  The delivery fee is part of the Terms of Sale and cannot be waived. By using this System to place Your order, You agree to accept the risk that the order falls below the minimum necessary to avoid any delivery fees and You will be charged a delivery fee specified in the terms and prices filed with the SLA.  You understand and agree that this System is available as a convenience to You.  If You wish to ensure that You do not get assessed a higher delivery fee for any order, You may place Your order directly with the Empire Merchants Order Department at 800-382-3820. The Order Department has up to date inventory information and can process Your order immediately. 

No Warranties: 

Empire Merchants makes no express or implied warranties or representations of any kind or to any person or party and by ordering pursuant to this System. You agree that no such warranties or representations have been made or relied upon. You agree that no oral or written warranties or representations have been made by Empire Merchants with respect to the goods being sold and delivered.  

For information about how Empire uses the emails and other personal information it collects in connection with the  Terms of Sale, please see Empire's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Note that Systems may have separate terms of use and privacy policies in addition to those of Empire You should be familiar with.