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June is Pride Month! Support your LGBTQ customers by offering these brands!
Barefoot has been a proud, committed ally of the LGBTQIA+ community since 1988. That’s 35 years, y’all! From marching in Pride parades to partnering with and donating to various organizations, we’ve never shied away from standing with the LGBTQIA+ community. Join us as we continue to celebrate our vibrant community of friends and family being unapologetically themselves and full of flavor, just like Barefoot, for the next 35+ years.
Jack Pride_image
Jack Daniel's is dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ community year-round through representation in media we produce, nurturing a diverse and inclusive business, and partnerships and donations to GLAAD.
Our pride has no limits Neither does this edition.

We launched The Proud Bottle, the first unlimited edition with which we commit to fighting against LGTBIphobia 365 days a year with #UnlimitedPride.
Tom of Finland image_image
Proceeds from every purchase will go back to the Tom of Finland Foundation, a non-profit foundation established by Tom and his friend Durk Dehner in 1984 to educate the public and promote healthier, more tolerant attitudes towards sexuality.