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Welcome to the Big Apple Division, where you’ll find industry-leading products from the E. & J. Gallo portfolio.
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Featured Items
The Bellini Recipe Back_imageThe Hugo Recipe Back_imageNegroni Sbagliato Recipe Back_image

    • Embrace the Halloween Spirit with Apothic

      • Apothic is the #1 premium wine brand.

        • Apothic Red is the #5 best seller in the wine category.

          • Red blend is the #1 category in premium wine.

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                        • Pumpkin Spice season gets longer and longer every year, starting as early as August
                            • Menus have seen a +225% increase in Pumpkin Spice items between 2019 and 2020.

                              • After the massive success of RumChata Peppermint Bark, it’s no secret that consumers love these LTOs. Given this rapid adoption and long-lasting loyalty, we expect consumers to embrace Pumpkin Spice with even more excitement given the energy around fall drinks 
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                              RCH Pumpkin Spice Digital 1200x1200B_image
                              Dark Horse
                              Dark Horse Social_image

                              • TASTES LIKE A $20 WINE AT HALF THE PRICE
                              • Dark Horse tastes twice as expensive as it is because it gets the first pick of grapes from over 400 growers and uses world-class winemaking techniques typically reserved for much more expensive wines.
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                                • Last year, America’s Favorite Wine partnered with America’s Favorite Sport.

                                • Barefoot sales were 27% higher using NFL POS display vs. non-NFL display

                                • The NFL Partnership generated fans and elevated Barefoot brand opinion by 27 Points.

                                • Barefoot’s partnership is driving retail visits. 15% of fans visited a retail location as a result of the partnership (almost 2x the average NFL sponsor).

                                  The Bellini Recipe Back_imageThe Hugo Recipe Back_imageNegroni Sbagliato Recipe Back_image
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