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Black Box

Black Box is the #4 largest volume brand in total wine.
 • Source: IRI - Total US MULO. Latest 52 Weeks Ending 9/14/2022. Total Wines by Brand. Volume Sales.

Black Box is the Most Awarded boxed wine brand.
 • Source: Internal PR Awards Database. Total Black Box vs Total Bota Box Awards. 2021/2022 Award Season

Black Box has a category innovative loyalty program. Velocity & purchase frequency are incredibly important to brand success for retailers and helps drive increased sales. The Black Box Rewards program is a first of its kind for wine and incentivizes consumers to increase purchases and purchasing frequency
    BelliniHugoNegroni Sbagliato

    Most Awarded New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, with most recent score of 90 points from Wine Spectator on the 2021 vintage. (May 2022)

    Whitehaven is a category leader:
     • #1 Ultra Premium Import Brand
     • #1 Ultra Premium Sauvignon Blanc Brand
     • #3 Sauvignon Blanc Brand Overall
    Source (for all): IRI Unify, Latest 52 Weeks Ending 12-04-22; Calendar Year 2018, Total US MULO, Dollar Sales Change vs YA, Dollar Sales % Change vs YA
      Clos du Bois

      In 1974, Frank Woods founded Clos du Bois with a vision of blending the French winemaking techniques with the best California grapes to craft balanced, approachable wines. Year after year, these wines have been recognized by both wine critics and wine enthusiasts alike. From their California Collection to the Proprietary Wine Collection, Clos du Bois wines showcase 45+ years of winemaking tradition and expertise.
        BelliniHugoNegroni Sbagliato

        In the center of each Camarena bottle, the wolves of Jalisco are hiding in plain sight, just as they did in the most sought-after agave fields. Feared and revered for their cunning and fierceness, these wolves are guardians of the agave and of the people of Arandas. Their loyalty demands unwavering respect and an understanding that when you are good to the wolves, the wolves will be good to you.

        This spirit is contained within every bottle of the most award-winning tequila, dedicated to the lands where the agave grows, the bell rings and the wild wolves roam. Their story is etched in every bottle of Camarena tequila and within every bottle, there is a story waiting to be told.
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